About Us

Hello, I'm Colin...
Since leaving school I worked for the company here in the U.K. that is now called British Telecom. Back when I joined it was still the good ol' General Post Office (the GPO)! I enjoyed most of my time with the company, working, after finishing as a Trainee Technician (Apprentice) as (in chronological order) a Customer Apparatus & Line Maintenance engineer, Business Systems maintenance engineer, and finally as a Customer Service Engineer in the newly formed Openreach.

 In 2009 a release package was offered and since the job had become less of a technical challenge and more of a "political" one, I decided that it was a good time to make more of my interest in electronics and strike out on my own. So, in April 2010, I became my own boss!

I started by trading on Ebay in various ways and buying up "spares or repair" items, repairing and refurbishing as necessary for eventual onward sale, as well as buying wholesale items for resale, and building up a good reputation on Ebay. At the same time I was learning about the world of games consoles and the design and manufacture of electronic units, as well as building up a well-equipped workshop.

I now concentrate on the design of small electronic modules that can augment existing products, starting with the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 modules. My intention is to design modules for other subject areas and build on my success in creating units for customers requiring designs for one-off or small quantity volumes.