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What are they?

You will have noticed that your games console (Playstation or Xbox) gets very warm or even hot during game-play. The constant heating and cooling puts stress on the tiny connections in the console which in turn causes them to crack and become unreliable at best and at worst fail completely (seen as the dreaded “Light of Death”).

In order to make their systems operate as quietly as possible, the designers of the consoles make the cooling fans spin as slowly as possible to give the bare minimum of airflow necessary which means the components are always working at almost their maximum operating temperature.

This range of modules are designed to fit between the fan and the mainboard and seamlessly increase the speed of the fan and therefore keep the console cooler. A cooler console is a happier console. A happier console is under less stress, so is less likely to fail.

See here for an interactive demonstration of the effects on the fan

These small modules are a breeze to fit, do not require any cutting or tampering with wires in your console, do not need any tools (other than those needed to open the case of the console), and can be removed without leaving a trace of their existence.

Having opened the case, all that needs to be done is to locate where the fan connects to the mainboard, unplug it, plug the module in its place, and plug the fan into the other end of the module - installation complete!