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What I Do...

Fan Controllers for Playstations and xBoxes

On this site you'll find an array of items to keep your console's fan running faster than the manufacturers intended.

The consoles I concentrate on are the Sony Playstation range of consoles (currently PS3, PS4, & PS5), and the Microsoft xBox range (from the xBox 360 Slim and later).

All modules can be purchased directly (and securely) from my store.

Raspberry Pi

I also design modules for the Raspberry Pi single board computer, some of which have been bespoke designs for universities and companies, and others are for general sale which can be found in my store.

Bespoke Designs

I take on bespoke electronic design work where you may have a need for a professional module for any application, in particular for single board computers - please feel free to get in touch with your requirements.